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Why are Stacey and Carey so successful together? Human Design reveals their partnership magic!

Do you know how you're designed for success and happiness in your relationships? And for your most important relationships... with your spouse, your kids, your business partner, employee or your manager... do you know the unique energetic blueprint of those relationships?

In this video, discover what's possible for your relationships through Human Design as Lucas shares the inspirational success story of guests Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters, master coaches and founders of Health Coach Institute.

Stacey and Carey began as certified Health Coaches building their own private practices and businesses. They eventually joined forces to partner on a very small business coaching project. Over the course of 10+ years their partnership evolved and exploded into a multi-million dollar success with massive impact. They've trained and certified thousands of health and life coaches and helped so many launch and grow successful practices. To learn more about the work of Stacey and Carey and to become a health or life coach yourself visit

Why do Stacey and Carey work so well together? Stacey is a 5/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator and Carey is a 6/2 Sounding Board Projector. Lucas reveals how Stacey and Carey connect energetically, how they compliment each other, where they are electromagnetic, where they might annoy or frustrate each other, what happens when things breakdown in the relationship, and what/who was missing from the dynamic for them to take their success to the next level (global). Watch the video to see just how accurate it all is!

Here's what you'll learn in the video:

3:50 - Auric Types - Why Generator and Projector can work so well together.

11:50 - Defined Centers - Stacey is a Powerhouse Creator of Community & Curriculums. Carey is a Genius for Structuring.

13:40 - Open Centers - Both well designed to be transformational life and love coaches.

15:15 - Channels - Their strengths are different and highly complimentary. the 34-20 and 43-23 are made for each other!

20:45 - Hear from Stacey and Carey about business partnership and the importance of Human Design.

21:45 - Gates - Hear how accurate deeper aspects of their design are!

26:20 - Incarnation Cross - How do you understand what your potential is for your Life Purpose?

28:10 - Relationship Dynamics - What in the design pulls two people together? What creates conflict? And more!

33:25 - What happens when a third major player entered the business? In this case, Eric Neuner! Magic...

35:50 - More laughter and then reflections from Stacey and Carey on their Human Design reading.

Thanks for watching!

Would you love to know how you're designed to attract and partner with others?

Do you have existing relationships that are challenging and you want to know why and how to create more understanding and a smoother, more supportive and productive partnership?

Would you also love to understand how you're designed to make decisions, which career paths are most aligned for you, and more?

If so, I invite you to schedule an individual or partnership Human Design reading with me today. Click here to book your appointment:

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