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"Understanding Our Human Design" - interviewed on the "I Love Me" Lab podcast with Gail Buck

I was grateful to be invited by Gail Buck to introduce Human Design to her listeners on her “I Love Me Lab” Podcast which shares many different ways and perspectives to experience self-care with the intention of self-love.

This is a solid intro to Human Design for any newcomer.

I was completely exhausted the day of this interview as I was struggling with my sleep, but it was still a lot of fun to share. I hope you enjoy it!

Highlights of the episode … - What is Human Design? - How can Human Design reveal about us? - In what ways can Human Design help people to love and trust themselves more? - When you become aware of your Human Design, what next? - The four main Human Design types.

- An example of how we can easily be lost when taking advice from others. Example: what happens when a Projector businessman is coached by a Generator coach. - How can Human Design help couples or partners in business, or in any relationship? - What is one main difference between Human Design and Astrology? - Human Design explains why the world is rapidly changing and how to navigate those changes. - What does Lucas think about the controversial concept of Human Design that people have "no choice"? - One piece of wisdom that Lucas can impart on self-love and self-care.

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