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Marie Kondo's Human Design 2/4 Cross of Penetration - A Missionary For Organization And Joy

Marie Kondo
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My wife and I are revisiting Marie Kondo's teachings as we are clutter clearing and re-organizing the house. As I typically do when I engage with famous people's work, I checked out Marie's Human Design. Of course, it perfectly reflects her. It's so perfect, I just had to share!

As a 2/4 Profile (Public Role), Marie has the potential to be incredibly naturally gifted (she is) and to receive "the call" to share her gift with others through her network. The 2/4 has the potential to become the most zealous missionaries, and clearly Marie has been on a mission to share the benefits of organizing with the world.

Born on October 9th, 1984 at an unknown time, Marie's Incarnation Cross (Life Purpose) is the "Cross of Penetration," which functions to help crack the surface with people so a new mutation can take hold. Based on what I know about Marie and her methods, it seems that she uses clearing clutter as a way to open up people to the possibility of living joyfully.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder and messenger of Human Design, spoke about the 2/4 Penetrators and said this (well before Marie became famous)... they get "called out to influence others to cleanse, in other words to look for inner realization. And, basically what these people help you do is that supposedly they are going to help you empty your closet. They're going to help you open that drawer and go through that mess that's in there."

And, when you take a closer look at the configuration of Marie's unique Human Design, we see even more...

Marie Kondo's Human Design chart

In addition to being a perfect example of the 2/4 Cross of Penetration, Marie has 4 amazing channels that give her synergistic strengths:

  • Channel of Perfected Form Intuitively guided to perfect her own behavior and beautify her environment. This intuition (specifically for cleansing) is Marie's conscious "Core Essence."

  • Channel of Acceptance - An Organizational Being An eye for detail and a mental capacity to logically name and organize everything into it's proper place and to share all this with others.

  • Channel of a Wave Length - Design of Talent The potential of mastering skills and solutions through logical experimentation, repetition and then mastery (think 7 years, 10,000 hours). This channel wants to share it's gift with society.

  • Channel of Inspiration - A Creative Role Model Inspirational self-expression that wants to contribute to the group.

  • Ruled By Gate 58 - The Joyous It's not a full channel, yet it's still an essential theme for Marie, Gate 58 is "The Joyous" and it's the fuel for logical talent and solutions. It's an energy that says, "Let's figure out how to have more of what's good in life (and share that with the collective)!" Gate 58 is her conscious and unconscious Jupiter, which means it's her own personal law and what protects her.

Wow! In summary, Marie is an ambitious organizational missionary who inspires others with her natural brilliance for perfecting form and her creative self-expression and shares detailed logical solutions to help us get organized. But it's not just about clearing the clutter, Marie can crack you open so that the seed for a mutation (more joy!) can take hold and grow in your life. Hey, thanks for being you, Marie! :-)

Note: I do not have a birth time for Marie and the design changes quite a bit throughout the day of her birth. Constants through the day are the Cross of Penetration, Channels of Perfected Form and a Creative Role Model and the Joyous.

Once again, Human Design proves itself to be wonderfully accurate in revealing the unique mechanical nature of human beings. Please keep in mind, if you're inspired by Marie, that you should not try to be just like her. You may be designed VERY differently from her. For instance, most of us do not have the consistent capacity to perfect form, master our skills, and organize the way Marie does. Of course, we can apply her methodology and benefit greatly, but don't beat yourself up if your not as consistent or masterful as she might be.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you find this useful and also let me know if you have a famous person who you'd like me to write a post about their design.

Questions for you... Do you know your Human Design, which tells you how you are uniquely designed to operate in the world? To interact with (including attract, love, and impact) others? To make the big decisions in your life? What your life purpose and public role for fulfilling that purpose is? Your consistent strengths and limitations? Are you curious, inspired or otherwise compelled to learn this knowledge?

My foundational Human Design reading was the most impactful few hours of self-learning of my entire life and I wish I learned it when I was younger and I love to share this gift with others.

If you feel called, I invite you to schedule your foundational reading with me here.

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