Stop trying to change, fix or improve yourself or your relationships.  Stop wasting energy trying to get what you want by "swimming upstream" against inner and outer resistance.

There's nobody like you and the key to your success and fulfillment is loving and living your uniqueness in a radical way, not following somebody else's formula. Your inner authority will guide you to the opportunities and decisions that will allow you to thrive.   

Are you ready for a personal or professional breakthrough? 

A fun and enlightening Human Design reading will empower you in well being, career, love, family and life purpose.

I can't wait to share with you!


What clients are saying about the impact of their Human Design reading...

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"More than anything, I feel incredibly empowered." 
Hi, Lucas! Thank you for checking in with me.  I've been doing a lot of processing this week about the reading and how there are so many things in my life I have noticed but couldn't explain. I feel like this reading made me feel like I wasn't crazy. There have been SO MANY times in my life where I could see that my actions and words (and energies in general) held such a different impact and weight than others around me, but I could never EXPLAIN WHY! I feel like human design has provided the perfect explanation for all of this.  More than anything, I feel incredibly empowered. I am forever impacted by this information and I think about it on a daily basis.  Thank you for being my guide in all of this. You have a profound gift for this. :-)  Thank you a million times over!

Lucas and Jacob
Lucas and Jacob

lucas mama jake noah pond
lucas mama jake noah pond

Lucas and Jacob
Lucas and Jacob


In 2014, our eldest son Jacob was born. It was immediately clear that he is different.  Through serendipity, we were introduced to Human Design and the fact that Jacob is the rarest Human Design type: a Reflector.  I was intrigued and started to investigate.  The suggestions for raising a Reflector child have been accurate and incredibly beneficial.  Gaining access to that information so quickly and easily felt like a miracle.  

Originally very skeptical about Human Design, I gained full confidence in it's accuracy only after typing close to 100 people in my life (all spot on!), and I never would have gone deeper if we didn't have such a profound experience with my son, but also for myself and my wife Richele.

Richele and I were successful health coach entrepreneurs for 10 years prior to Jacob being born. We were helping lots of people and making good money. The problem was we were burned out. It baffled us that we didn't have the energy and stamina that many of our colleagues had, despite being knowledgeable, ambitious, and courageous.  

Well, Human Design explained this perfectly: we are Projectors.  Projectors are about 20% of the population and are "non-energy" types, well designed to be coaches but not at all designed to be "busy bee" business builders. The problem for Projectors is that we are conditioned to try to keep up and can seem like the most energetic beings of all, but it's a fake energy. Compounding the issue was my "open heart," meaning that I'm not designed to create through making lots of promises and using my willpower, yet these were the main tools I was applying, and it was stressing me out and burning me out.  I was exhausted and down on myself.

Discovering our Human Designs was incredibly freeing (and improved our relationship!). It helped us let go of trying to be who we are not and relax into the success strategies that are available to us consistently. It also gave us incredible insights into our relationship and the dynamics of our little family. It's now been 6 years since my experiment began, and I am healthier mentally, emotionally and physically and I'm getting better at loving and being me (and loving and letting others be themselves) every day. 

While I'm not well designed to be a busy business builder, I am designed to be a Human Design expert and coach.  At this point, I've verified the accuracy and usefulness of this system by analyzing over 900 charts, not only for individuals but also for the application for couples, business partners, small business groups and large organizations as well. 

I did NOT want to be a Human Design professional and I studied and shared it only as a hobby for many years. It's uncomfortable for me to work with knowledge that can occur as weird or even unbelievable to many. However, I cannot deny that this is now my passion and calling and the phenomenal transformation and valuable life tools it provides for others. I am affirmed every time I share Human Design with another and they gain new power and freedom.

So here I am now... a Human Design coach and consultant. I make my greatest impact with people, often times strangers, who are currently dealing with a problem they are ready to resolve or a big goal they are working to achieve. If you feel called, I would love to share your design with you to help you know and love yourself more fully and to learn how to apply this knowledge in your life to better achieve your goals.

Are you ready to leverage the advantages and avoid the pitfalls that are unique to your design?

If so, let's schedule a time. I'm looking forward to contributing to you!